Juliet Waters is a Montreal based literary journalist who has written for Salon.com and CBC radio.  She has been a contributing editor at FLARE, and is the former books editor at The Montreal Mirror, where she wrote a monthly column on single parenting.  A sometimes travel writer she is the author of Fodor’s Around Montreal With Kids.

In January of 2012, knowing pretty much nothing about code, Juliet Waters signed up for Codecademy’s Code Year challenge with her eleven year old son, Ben.

Since then she has amassed many badges in JavaScript, HTML/CSS, JQuery, and Python. She has also  saved her son from hackers; argued with StackOverflow guru, Jeff Atwood (this post was anthologized in Should You Learn To Code? );  obtained her Statement of Completion for the Studio Track of Coursera’s Human Computer Interaction course (with distinction!); volunteered as a media consultant for Montreal’s inaugural Maker Faire; and become the proud owner of a Raspberry Pi.

Most of her time, however, is still spent reading.

Early in 2013, she received a grant from the Quebec Arts Council to write a book about her Code Year. She took a bit of a hiatus from blogging to get focussed on that project. But she plans to start this blog back up any day now.


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