Montreal Kids 9-12 willing to learn some HTML Sought For Computer Science Study, Saturday February 8

Kids Code Jeunesse/ McGill control group for HTML:  9-12 yr olds 
Your child will be learning a condensed version of our HTML classroom course lessons (minus Intro to computers, debugging, class collaboration and presentation). 
We want to observe the learning difference between kids learning to code in a collaborative classroom setting with experts (which is what we do in schools) vs learning independently with minimal guidance. The control group will be learning with minimal guidance, lead by Maude Lemaire, a McGill software engineer. After the control lesson is complete, if the children haven’t completed their project, we have time at the end of the day to make sure they do!
Saturday February 8th 
10-10:30 arrival 
4:-5pm departure
Room 3070
3630 University St.
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 0C6
Please bring a packed lunch. Snacks and drinks will be available throughout the day. And please bring:
Notebook/ paper
Computers will be onsite. 
Parents are welcome to stay (and learn!) or return for pickup at 4pm.
Course is available in English and in French. Instructors are bilingual.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. To confirm:
Best regards,

It’s Computer Science Education Week

Go Shakira!

Mile End Hour of Code

Another co-worker in the Montreal Mother trade, learning and teaching code!

Lina Branter

For the past year, I have been increasingly convinced that every kid should learn to code. Since I have daughters and I work at an all-girls’ school, my interest tends to lean toward getting girls interested in programming, but I guess boys can still learn too (before you get your knickers in a knot- I was kidding! Of course, boys should learn too. But not frogs. They would have to invent a flipper friendly keyboard).

Here are some of my talking points on this subject:

  1. Computers are ubiquitous in our life
  2. Yet most of us have no idea how they work
  3. It is going to be increasingly necessary to know how they work even if you are not in a computer science field.
  4. Yet learning how to program is not part of our curriculum
  5. Many of the most interesting, flexible and highly paid jobs are in computer science
  6. Yet the…

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Celebrate Computer Science Education week with An Hour Of Code

Anyone know how to get this to Miley Cyrus?


Google gets its piece of the Raspberry Pi

Google had just launched a program to turn the Raspberry Pi into a mini web server. Download this code onto an SD card and the Pi becomes an educational tool to teach kids the basics of app coding.

Your Move, Pal

Me, staring down some Python…

Library codecamp for teens

Something we need to be seeing more of: a library offering a coding day camp for teenagers.

Last week the Chatanooga public library set forth on its summer day camp for teenagers learning code. After some enterprising Chatanoogans (Pythanoogans?) had success with a project called Community Py, an eight week course teaching Python to adults and teenagers, they applied for a grant for a more intensive summer session.

One 40,000 grant later, they had 55 Chromebooks and enough money to pay instructors and teaching assistants.

Now all they need, according to organizers, is more girls.