This will be an ongoing blogroll/glossary of people, places and ideas that are re-wiring the world with us:

Alan O’Donohue is a teacher in the U.K. who is leading the charge in making computational thinking part of every teacher’s toolbox. Find out more at his blog teachcomputing

RosiePy is a twelve year old who is currently teaching other kids Scratch programming via Youtube. She has a blog TheRosiePy.

Computer Science Unplugged:The Show is an ingenious piece of education theatre, performed by a charming duo from  New Zealand.  The mantra: computer science is as much about computers as astronomy is about telescopes. Check it out .

Computational Fairytales is a blog written by Jeremy Kubica that explains basic, and even sophisticated computer science concepts, through the use of entertaining stories.  Here’s one of the most popular, Hunting Dragons With Binary Search.

Skillcrush is a exceptional new website pitched at women who want to improve their tech literacy.  Daily e-mails,  a library of interviews, and soon, online lessons…Can’t wait.

Rob St. Amant is the author Computing for Ordinary Mortals, and excellent new book hot off the Oxford University Presses.



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