Let’s think of this place as an incubator.

In the high-tech world this is a place where new ventures share resources, drink coffee, and brush up against each other as a way of sparking insight and feeding creativity. As head of a family awkwardly surfing the digital learning curve, I’ve decided that we’re something of a start up too.

I want more for us than to be mere consumers of software and gadgets. I want to understand the world we’re living in. I want it to be a place that we’re programming, not a place that is programming us.  I want to be a more informed, skilled digital citizen,  equipped to make the best choices for myself  and the people I care about.

That’s why I’m learning to code, or hoping the master at  least the fundamentals of computational thinking. It’s a challenge, but it’s worth it. It can actually be fun, and more and more these days, anyone can learn it for free. As I’m discovering, there are a lot of people on the web who are more than happy to me out.

So, welcome! Browse the blog, check out the links, please comment and please let me know if you’ve got a cool place where we can hang out too.

That’s what incubators are for.

The header image is a from the Hour of Code event at Notman House, a Montreal tech incubator.  The event was run by KidsCodeJeunesse a local educational non-profit. h/t Le Devoir



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