Library codecamp for teens

Something we need to be seeing more of: a library offering a coding day camp for teenagers.

Last week the Chatanooga public library set forth on its summer day camp for teenagers learning code. After some enterprising Chatanoogans (Pythanoogans?) had success with a project called Community Py, an eight week course teaching Python to adults and teenagers, they applied for a grant for a more intensive summer session.

One 40,000 grant later, they had 55 Chromebooks and enough money to pay instructors and teaching assistants.

Now all they need, according to organizers, is more girls.


2 responses to “Library codecamp for teens

  1. Do you think this would be best expanded through libraries taking the initiate to offer these classes or through users of libraries coming forward to request them and making the demand clearer in difficult funding times?

    • I can’t speak for all libraries, but my experience is that they shy away from initiating anything as tech forward a coding lessons. They’re open to it. But they might not consider it their mandate. So if you’re interested in this, it would probably be better to approach a thriving group of open source programmers and see if they have any interest in starting something like this. If you have the teachers in place, libraries will be happy to donate the space. The Python community is a particularly good place to start because it’s a very minimalist language that’s really well suited for teaching and there seems to be a strong educational mission associated with that language. Also, programmers, in my experience are very pro-active about finding creative ways to fund projects. Good luck!

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