Codecademy scores 10 million and Familycoding gets a nice shout out…

So six months ago Ben and I signed up for Code Year, with Michael Bloomberg and about 400,000 people.  We didn’t even really know what coding was.  Codecademy was just five month old puppy of a Start-up.

And look at us now.   Here’s Codecademy announcing $10 million in their second round of venture funding (a big chunk of that from Richard Branson).  But notice who’s mentioned in the list of accomplished students.  Yes that’s us,  Juliet Waters and her son Ben.

I haven’t been blogging as much lately because I’m deep into Human Computer Interaction, a free five week online course given by Stanford through Coursera, another high quality free education startup.   There I’m designing my first web/app and getting rigorously vetted by my online peers.  But I’m still keeping up with my Code Year.  More than ever, I’m going to need all that JavaScript to get it functional.

If that weren’t keeping me busy enough, last night I went to a first meeting of organizers of  Montreal’s inaugural  Mini Maker Faire, which will be at the Olympic Stadium August 25-26.

One day soon, I will come up for air and do a nice long blog post.

In the meantime here’s MythBuster’s Adam Savage talking about the importance of taking risks….


8 responses to “Codecademy scores 10 million and Familycoding gets a nice shout out…

  1. mctopherganesh

    Rockstar status. Or should I say, Hacker Status. Good work you two! I have to catch up now.

  2. Thanks McT. Get to work!

  3. Interesting post… would love you to try my site CodeAvengers.
    I am targeting the total beginner and have been getting lots of great feedback. Would love you to give it a try and give me some feedback!

  4. I found your blog through their post and I think it’s great. Nice to find codecademy peers.

  5. Thanks James. I can’t tell you how much I’ve gotten from Codecademy peers, here and in Montreal. People think that coding is isolating activity, but it’s amazingly collaborative. It’s like being a musician. The minute you start talking coding, every one brings in their own different skillset into the idea jam.

  6. How many lessons have your boys gotten through on CodeCademy?

  7. Actually, Mike, he got pissed off at me for getting better than him. And went off in a huff, and started learning Ruby, which I had to promise I would not go anywhere near for at least a year. (The other boy is the son of one of my friends.) You got to play these things carefully with boys. Moms are the destroyers of cool.

    He’s away visiting his dad for a month, but when he comes back we’ll definitely take a look at CodeAvengers. But I will have to do that in such a way that it doesn’t look like I actually think it’s good for him 😉

    • Haha… I have 3 younger bros and 4 younger sis… and parents!! I know exactly what you are talking about! My HTML/CSS lessons will be out by then… so you will have to get him to give those a go… would love any feedback 😀

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