Yesterday we took a break from python and  had some fun with the “x-ray goggles” at  Mozilla’s Hackasaurus.  This is a great little tool that helps kids learn HTML and CSS by allowing them to mess with what they see in their browser.

X-ray goggles allow you to scan the different sections of the page, see the HTML/CSS code, and change it right there on the page. The first exercise is to download the url for a  “Serious Cat” picture  and change the girl for the cat.

Once you’ve done your first hack, you can drop the goggles into your bookmark bar and  head out onto the web and mess with other websites.

Ben’s first choice was the official webpage of Lady Gaga :

I thought Usher could use a little serious cat treatment.

It was inevitable that Ben would eventually start hacking my websites:

Fortunately only what’s in the browser gets altered.  The actual website is safe.

Imagine a web where  cats could learn to code….that could get serious.


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