How Codecademy changed my life.

Liz started her coding journey around the same time I did eighteen months ago. We’ve taken very different paths, but have both become code evangelists. I’m hoping to find the time to weigh later on this week.

Update: Since that post, Liz has moved her blog over to a self hosted

Liz Hannaford

So I’ve just finished the HTML/CSS track of Codecademy and I’m left wondering how I’m going to fill my evenings now it’s over. I really enjoyed it – instantly practical and useful and I recommend it to all journalists!

But instead of twiddling my thumbs or spending my evenings watching endless episodes of Nordic Noir I decided to think about how Codecademy has changed my life. That’s not a flippant statement. It’s actually true. I first started it about eighteen months ago following the Javascript track. It opened my eyes onto a whole new world! Work commitments meant I didn’t complete the Javascript course (I started to flounder once we got onto OOP) and I do need to get back into it before I forget everything I ever learnt.

6 Ways Codecademy Changed my life

  1. Evangelism

    I realised how important this stuff was – not just for an old hack…

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4 responses to “How Codecademy changed my life.

  1. Thanks for the reblog! I’d be really interested to hear your reflections 18 months on from the starting line.

  2. Look forward to reading that!
    Could I ask a BIG favour? I’ve just switched to a self-hosted blog (that was a painful process!!). I have been getting some traffic from your site so it would be really helpful if you could change the link to my new address
    Only if you have a moment….
    I’m still working out how to set up a new blogroll but you’ll be on it!!

  3. Wp has the original link all locked up. Until I find out how to change that, and in case I don’t, I’ve updated the post with you new link. Thanks for putting me on your blog roll!

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